Alight Spotlight: Meet Joey Sumi, Integrations Engineer

Joey Sumi, Integrations Engineer

Alight is proud to welcome Joey Sumi to the team as our new Integrations Engineer. Joey helps build and maintain ChannelMix’s ever-growing library of data connections. Learn more about him in his Q&A! 

Alight Spotlight: Meet Seth Bishop, Manager of Data Support

Seth Bishop, IT specialist

Without Seth Bishop, literally nothing could get done in our office. As our new IT specialist / mastermind, Seth keeps a million different pieces of technology up and running. We’re proud to welcome him to the team! Learn more about Seth in his Q&A!

Alight Spotlight: Jessica Williams Promoted to Senior Client Solutions Manager

We’re proud to announce that Jessica Williams is now a senior client solutions manager at Alight Analytics! It’s a well-deserved promotion. In her time at Alight, Jessica has earned a reputation for helping clients tackle their biggest challenges with speed, insight and empathy. And as …