Alight Spotlight: Jessica Williams Promoted to Client Strategist

Jessica Williams, client strategist

Jessica Williams is Alight Analytics’ newest Client Strategist one of the most important roles in our company, and a well-deserved promotion! Learn more about Jessica in her Q&A!


Jessica Williams


Client Strategist 

Jessica Williams is a client strategist at Alight Analytics.
What is your role at Alight — how do you help clients? 

I am the key contact for our clients, and I can be relied on for a deep understanding of their business, needs and workstyle. It’s my role to lead strategy and working sessions with our clients so they can continue to evolve their analytics practice.

How long have you been on the Alight team? What do you enjoy about working here? 

I’ve been at Alight for two and a half years. Which doesn’t seem like a long time, but I was Hire No. 25 and we’re at almost 60 now! 

A lot has changed, but one thing that has always stayed consistent is the family atmosphere we have in our office. I love coming to work because I enjoy my co-workers. And even when we disagree, we can always figure it out over a beer at happy hour! 

What’s been your proudest moment so far at Alight?

My proudest moment to date was the first time I led a strategy session on my own for a new group of clients. I had the tools and was prepared, but I also felt a little nervous. The session was fantastic — it couldn’t have gone better. I walked out of the meeting knowing that I’d helped our clients build a plan that was really going to help their company. 

As a client strategist, you’re on the road a lot. What’s your most essential piece of travel gear? 

A window seat toward the front of the plane and “less drowsy” Dramamine. I get motion sickness very easily, so I’ve figured out every trick in the book to avoid it while flying! 

You can ask your future self (circa 2050) one question. What do you want to know? 

If there was one aspect of your life you had the chance to do over, would you, and if so, how would you have done it differently over the last 30 years?