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Marketing Impact Modeling™

Harness the power of predictive media mix modeling to plan marketing spend and predict ROI — no data science skills required.

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Reduce media waste by 75% while increasing ROI

You don’t need any special skills to use ChannelMix's data models. With our Marketing Impact Modeling™ dashboard, you just need to input your planned spend, click a button and let ChannelMix automate the media planning for you, recommending the top scenarios to get the most leads out of your budget. No cookies or campaign tracking required, updated in real-time.


Marketing ROI Predictive Modeling

Cookieless, real-time budget prediction to reduce media waste and drive ROI with Marketing Impact Modeling™

Budget Pacing

Track your performance to goal while ensuring your budget is implemented as planned.


Model Performance Summary

View the accuracy level of your model to ensure confidence in the recommendations and improvement over time.

Our portfolio of performance dashboards is built specifically for lead gen marketers to plan and execute campaigns that maximize ROI and align to business goals. 

Normalize metrics & Taxonomy

OneView brings together like metrics across different sources and channels for holistic reporting

Launch Cross channel dashboards

Track results with a dashboard that brings channel performance data together for a comprehensive view

Launch Cross channel dashboards

Track results with a dashboard that brings channel performance data together for a comprehensive view

Drill into Cross channel engagement KPIs

Easily compare KPIs by campaign, channel or source, by day, week, month or quarter

Maximize engagement & conversions

See which tactics deliver the most engagements and conversions at the best price

Sophisticated scenario analysis, comprehensive data integration, and AI-driven continuous improvement 

Advanced Scenario Predictions

Beyond basic predictions, ChannelMix delves into ‘what-if’ scenarios, simulating various outcomes based on different budget allocations and strategies. Top predictions are labeled and visually indicated on a scatter plot.

Comprehensive Data Sources

Marketing Impact Modeling is cookieless, allowing all performance-related data to be included in the model. Online and offline media, events, lead and sales data are all taken into consideration.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Our AI doesn’t just predict; it learns. With each campaign, the system becomes smarter, offering increasingly accurate predictions and recommendations. This continuous learning loop ensures that your marketing strategies evolve at the pace of the market.

93% Predication Accuracy

AI-powered recommendation engine predicts optimal media mix in real time

24-Hour Model Activation

Models are ready the next day and update nightly, say goodbye to waiting weeks or months for your media mix recommendations.

Client Success Team Support

ChannelMix isn’t just a tool; it's a partnership. Our client success team is dedicated to helping you maximize the platform's potential, offering support, training, and insights to ensure your marketing analytics journey is successful.
spend optimization with media mix modeling

More leads and revenue with less budget

Struggling with a limited budget? ChannelMix AI helps you maximize your marketing impact with minimal resources.

Input your target lead or revenue number and ChannelMix will recommend the exact media mix to reach your goals with your reduced budget.

Accelerate leads with flat budgets 

Maintaining your marketing budget while being asked to increase results? ChannelMix AI empowers you to make data-driven decisions and accelerate your growth.

Input your increased target lead or revenue number and ChannelMix will recommend the exact media mix to reach your higher goals while maintaining your budget.

roi predictor with media mix modeling
roi predictor with media mix modeling

Compare spending scenarios based on predicted campaign results

Analyze campaign outcomes for different spending scenarios based on your amount of spend and your marketing mix.

spend optimization with media mix modeling

Scale your success

ChannelMix AI helps you allocate your abundant budget effectively, unlocking new opportunities and driving exponential growth.

Input your target lead or revenue number and ChannelMix will recommend the exact media mix to exceed even your planned goals!

How Gatesman Proves Performance with Cross-Channel Marketing Analytics

“We've rolled out this more efficient and effective dashboarding solution to many of our clients, who’ve just been thrilled. It’s really my dream come true."

automated reporting and data workflow

A powerful modeling engine for your entire sales and marketing ecsoystem

Data Aggregation

ChannelMix automatically collects, unifies and stores the years of historical data required to build a useful marketing mix model.

Data Modeling

ChannelMix applies its compositional machine-learning model to your data to maximize your target variable. The model supports inclusion of other datasets like weather and geography for greater accuracy.

Data Visualization

Explore the model with the Spend Optimizer and ROI Predictor built into ChannelMix's media mix model dashboard.

Every marketer should be able to tap into the power of marketing mix models. And that’s really why we built these solutions — to make data science available to people who aren’t data scientists.


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