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ChannelMix is the foundation of every solution and includes unlimited data sources, an Amazon Redshift data warehouse, dedicated account management and guided onboarding.

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Measure media performance

Media Performance by Channel

Report on performance for each of your marketing channels and platforms

Cross-Channel Media Performance

Roll up metrics for a unified view of performance across channels

Campaign Analytics & Pacing

Set campaign budgets and goals and pace performance live 


Optimize marketing touchpoints

Funnel Analytics & Forecasting

Identify the channels and platforms that are driving web conversions

Multi-Touch Attribution

Understand the value and ROI for each of your marketing channels


Analyze & forecast  marketing impact

Sales & Marketing Pipeline Analytics

A unified pipeline for sales and marketing that connects spend to customer acquisition & revenue

Sales & Marketing Pipeline Forecasting 

Calculate required marketing spend and targets to reach customer acquisition goals


Plan and predict marketing ROI

Marketing Mix Optimizer

Understand where and how much to spend your marketing budget

Marketing Mix ROI Predictor

Predict business outcomes based on your marketing mix

Add solution enrichments and customizations

  • Twitter Enterprise Data
  • Geography Data Enrichment
  • Weather Data Enrichment
  • Snowflake Data Warehouse
  • Tableau / Power BI Licenses
  • Tableau Training for Marketers
  • Data Model Customization
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Tracking Audit & Support

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