More accurate, more sustainable, more impactful analytics for marketers

Marketing Impact Modeling

Maximize your ROI and take the guesswork out of media planning with ChannelMix's revolutionary AI-powered marketing recommendation engine.

Revenue Optimization Dashboard

Choose a goal, run your predictions then pick the scenario that most aligns with your goals!

Model Performance Dashboard

Understand model performance and diminishing return on ad spend.

Get started with our standard OneView configurations


A OneView for all paid media channels and platforms plus individual rollups for each of your marketing channels to evaluate media performance at a holistic and granular level. View standard sources and fields >>


A OneView that combines data from paid, earned and owned media channels along with data from Google Analytics to measure marketing impact on web conversions. View standard sources and fields >>


A OneView that integrates performance data from all of your marketing and media with lead and sales data from your CRM to evaluate marketing ROI and impact on sales. View standard sources and fields >>

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