ChannelMix Named a High Performer in’s Winter 2020 Grid Report for Marketing Analytics Software

ChannelMix, the best-in-breed marketing intelligence platform from Alight Analytics, has been named a High Performer in’s Winter 2020 Grid Report for Marketing Analytics Software. It was also highlighted as Easiest to Use in G2’s Winter 2020 Usability Index for Marketing Analytics. 

“These user-based rankings mean a great deal because they reflect actual customers’ experience with our platform,” said Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics’ CEO and co-founder. “That’s really why we created ChannelMix — to make it easier for marketers to use and learn from data, so they can develop the actionable insights that showcase marketing’s value and drive business growth.”

Alight was named a High Performer in's Winter 2020 Grid Report for Marketing Analytics Software.
How ChannelMix Helps Marketers

ChannelMix automatically aggregates, cleans, unifies and stores data from essentially any marketing, media or sales platform. And it produces analysis-ready and model-ready datasets that can be used with any BI or visualization tool. Users report saving significant amounts of time after adopting ChannelMix — hundreds of hours per year, in many cases.

ChannelMix powers Alight’s suite of holistic marketing analytics solutions for paid media, social engagement, agency analytics, website performance, lead generation and ecommerce. Each solution delivers everything that marketers need to answer their most important questions about marketing performance, including ChannelMix-aggregated data, dashboards, service, support and more. 

“Our ChannelMix-powered solutions let marketers focus on marketing,” said Michelle Jacobs, Alight’s president and co-founder. “They don’t have to know SQL, manage a data warehouse or any of those more technical tasks. Marketing teams have the power to ask deeper, more interesting questions with their data — and find answers that transform their organizations.”

What Users Say About ChannelMix

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Michelle Kosmicki, senior marketing analyst at Strategic America, wrote at

“The time savings and data fidelity has been a huge bonus! If I need to add a new dataset or modify a dataset, I don’t need to worry about how the data is being pulled. Being able to easily bring in hundreds of digital data feeds and even upload data that comes via a physical file has been a lifesaver. I would not be able to do my job in the same way without ChannelMix.”

Learn more about what users have to say about ChannelMix. Read the latest reviews here! 

About Alight Analytics

Alight Analytics is a leading provider of marketing analytics solutions. Alight’s marketing intelligence platform, ChannelMix, delivers a holistic experience for tracking and measuring performance across all marketing and sales channels, while providing attribution and predictive intelligence to drive organizational growth. Alight is a four-time Inc. 5000 honoree, making it one of America’s fastest-growing private companies.