Alight Analytics launches new marketing channel attribution platform, ChannelMix

KANSAS CITY, MO – Alight Analytics announced today the launch of its new marketing channel attribution platform, ChannelMix, built to simplify marketing analytics.
ChannelMix delivers a single source of truth from which all team members and agencies build upon to enhance and optimize marketing campaigns. It provides insight-seeking marketers the ability to understand performance and attribution across all marketing channels including: offline, online, mobile, desktop, call center and in-store. This integrated, flexible platform is the only marketing analytics solution powered by a team of Marketing Analysts and Data Scientists. ChannelMix gives marketers the insights needed to transform their approach to the planning process, optimize in-campaign and predict future results.
“The introduction of ChannelMix represents the next big milestone for our firm. Our previous platform was good but simply wasn’t designed to handle Big Data. We are thrilled to bring this new platform to market and even more excited about the immediate value it brings to our clients. This new platform combined with our dedicated analytics team approach strengthens our position as a leader in the analytics industry and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering a superior analytics solution to our clients,” said Matt Hertig, Co-Founder of Alight Analytics.
Customers today utilize multiple marketing channels in their decision-making journey. The name ChannelMix reflects the Big Data platform’s ability to combine clients’ offline and online marketing channel performance data into a customized data warehouse (data management platform, or DMP) and readily identify the “mix” that is driving performance. The complete ChannelMix solution delivers customized dashboards, predictive analytics, Google Analytics management, multi-channel attribution modeling and hands-on, proactive insights from Alight’s team of analytics professionals.
Marketers today are faced with a complicated marketing ecosystem and need more than reporting – they need answers. As a result, Alight Analytics combines the power of the ChannelMix data platform with a dedicated marketing analytics team consisting of marketing analysts, data scientists, Google Analytics experts and data integration professionals. This full-service approach brings together the power of people and technology to deliver the answers marketers need to drive marketing performance and deliver a competitive advantage.


Alight Analytics, the premier, independent marketing analytics firm, offers industry leading multi-channel marketing analytics solutions for global marketers. Alight Analytics unites clients’ offline and online marketing channel data for a transparent, comprehensive view of performance and ROI. Alight works alongside clients to develop marketing measurement tracking strategies, implement robust web analytics solutions and deliver customized reporting dashboards that enable clients to facilitate data-driven marketing decisions. Alight’s team of marketing analysts, data scientists and web analytics experts provide holistic insights and analysis for effective marketing channel optimization.

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