Alight Analytics Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Marketing Data Aggregation Platform

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ChannelMix Feed Brings the Power of Integrated Marketing Performance Data In-House

KANSAS CITY, MO—Industry pioneering marketing analytics firm, Alight Analytics, today announced the first-of-its-kind marketing data aggregation platform, ChannelMix Feed, that will allow organizations to bring their aggregated, cleansed marketing performance data in-house, into their own data warehouses, for unlimited reporting, modeling and analysis activities. ChannelMix Feed is helping marketers, IT and business intelligence teams solve marketing’s data problem by allowing organizations the ability to maintain total and complete control over how their data is displayed and reported without having to figure out the complex task of integrating, maintaining and updating hundreds of marketing data sources.

ChannelMix Feed works by automatically importing, aggregating and cleansing online and offline marketing performance data, such as Bing, AdWords, Double-Click, SalesForce, Microsoft CRM, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Exact Target, Campaign Monitor, Right On Interactive, television and radio impressions, as well as data sources unique to rounding out each client’s data ecosystem.  Once integrated into the ChannelMix data warehouse, the analysis-ready data is then fed back to the organizations internal systems on a nightly basis, accessible for company-wide analysis, reporting and modeling activities.

With this marketing analytics tool, organizations can now quickly build custom and complex multi-channel attribution reports based on their own collected and accurately applied data sources using visualization, reporting and analysis tools already in-house – empowering an organization’s marketing team to make smarter decisions with their budgets by using the analysis tools they are already comfortable with. Since ChannelMix Feed leverages existing internal data warehouses to store the integrated data, there are no limitations to the type of dashboarding, reporting or analysis tools that may be used to manipulate the marketing performance data.

Through ChannelMix Feed, Alight Analytics effectively solves marketing’s data problem by breaking down the barriers of before click, after click, digital and traditional, bringing all data together in one place for a single source of truth, making it accessible to all organizations in an effort-free format that doesn’t break the bank.

“As more marketing vehicles enter the market, the number of disparate reports and data sources grows exponentially. Marketers can’t make effective optimization decisions when data lives in silos or in hundreds of unique excel spreadsheets,” said Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics Co-Founder. “With ChannelMix Feed, our clients now have all of their marketing performance data integrated automatically, then fed back to their internal systems. We want to empower marketers to analyze results in collaboration with their BI teams and agencies.”

Michelle Jacobs, Co-Founder, continued, “We’ve been hearing from a number of organizations about the desire to combine their marketing performance data with their sales and CRM data. IT departments have the desire to help marketers import their data into existing systems, but the challenge of building hundreds of APIs, ETL processes and ensuring proper tracking is too daunting. We allow organizations to keep their sensitive sales data in house but do the heavy lifting of getting them the data they need.”

To learn more about ChannelMix Feed and how it can improve your marketing efforts, visit our ChannelMix Feed page.


Alight Analytics delivers global marketers powerful, actionable marketing analytics solutions. As a pioneer in the space, Alight has been offering its holistic analytics platform and services since 2007. With a talented team of dedicated experts, a proven process, and the industry’s best platform, Alight reveals omni-channel insights to enable marketers to optimize all their marketing channels. These insights significantly increase marketing ROI across their entire marketing portfolio – both online and offline. As the only marketing analytics firm to provide a full-service solution, Alight integrates its clients’ own marketing data in its cloud-based ChannelMix Big Data warehouse, builds custom dashboards, delivers regular, proactive insights and creates powerful attribution and predictive models to ensure future success.

Alight Analytics was named the 2014 Best Business Analytics Solution Provider by Innovation Enterprise, a 2014 25 Under 25® award winner by Thinking Bigger Business and Alight’s Co-Founder, Michelle Jacobs, was named one of Ingram’s 2014 40 Under Forty honorees. Alight Analytics is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, a Google Analytics Authorized Premium Reseller, a MarketLive Integrated Partner, an Amazon Web Services APN Consulting Partner, a Tableau Software Technology Partner and part of the SAP HANA Startup Program.

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