Alight Analytics Announces Rebrand, Leans into SaaS Product Development as ChannelMix

As a new era of digital privacy unfolds, Alight Analytics goes all-in on developing future-ready analytics products under the ChannelMix brand

Alight Analytics, the Kansas City-based marketing analytics firm, today announced a brand relaunch, officially adopting the name of their proprietary marketing analytics platform, ChannelMix, as they increase focus on developing the next generation of SaaS analytics products for marketers.

For 15 years, Alight and its ChannelMix platform have helped its clients—a roster that includes leading brands and agencies like the NBA, Mattel, Adidas, Tinuiti and Carmichael Lynch— manage the ever-increasing amount data required to measure and communicate the value of their marketing campaigns. The decision to focus solely on the ChannelMix brand reflects the company’s continued commitment to developing and delivering innovative, future-ready analytics products that are easy to launch and come fully supported, empowering marketers to use data to drive revenue and maximize ROI.  

“As Alight Analytics, we helped more than 1,500 brands take control of their marketing data with an unmatched combination of technology and services. Now, as ChannelMix, we’re setting a new standard for marketing measurement and analytics that will prepare our clients and us for the future ahead,” said Matt Hertig, CEO & Co-Founder of ChannelMix. 

“With the pace at which the marketing industry is changing, marketers need an analytics platform that’s scalable and agile enough to handle anything that comes their way, and we’re prepared to deliver that.”

As digital platforms begin to roll out new privacy standards, marketers will soon face challenges in tracking and measuring performance of digital ad campaigns. Having a cross-platform source of truth will be more important than ever. ChannelMix promises to help organizations navigate these changes with marketing analytics products that do not rely on third-party tracking and cookies—which are already being phased out by platforms like Google Chrome, Safari, and Facebook. 

“Understanding marketing ROI using native reporting from media platforms like Facebook and Google Ads is going to become increasingly less accurate and complete, and ultimately not even possible, as privacy regulations evolve,” according to Michelle Jacobs, ChannelMix President & Co-Founder. “The last thing we want is for marketing teams to get caught behind the coming data privacy wall without a strategy for demonstrating and growing ROI.” 

For ChannelMix, breaking through the privacy wall means providing its clients with a future-ready SaaS experience with analytics products that can be used to provide more accurate, sustainable and impactful insights into marketing performance. Key to that experience are four elements that make ChannelMix inherently future-ready:

  • It’s end-to-end—one platform powers a full suite of analytics capabilities from basic reporting to predictive analytics
  • It’s first-party—always have a single source of truth for marketing performance that uses first-party data and tracking strategies that users control
  • It’s scalable— designed to meet any marketers’ needs no matter how their business or the industry changes
  • It’s fully supported—the full scope of the platform is available immediately without needing to learn or hire for new skills 

With so many changes on the horizon, the value ChannelMix delivers to its users remains constant. ChannelMix increases reporting efficiency and sophistication with an end-to-end platform that automatically aggregates, transforms and models data for analysis in a suite of marketing performance dashboards. Those dashboards put valuable insight into marketers hands in real-time, enabling them to maximize campaign outcomes and ROI at every stage of the funnel. 

“For the past year, we’ve used ChannelMix to help us make our reporting processes more efficient and effective. We’re gathering better insights more quickly, and are able to communicate our wins up to our executive team in a concise dashboard view,” said Tavit Geudelekian, Director of Integrated Marketing for SunCommon. “With so many changes coming for the digital marketing space, partnering with ChannelMix gives me the confidence and visibility I need to make excellent data-driven decisions.”

To reinforce their commitment to helping marketers navigate a cookieless world, ChannelMix is offering six months of its first-party multi-touch attribution product free with a purchase of their automated reporting suite. The ChannelMix modeling engine uses first-party conversion tracking and data to calculate channel value and ROI. Learn more about the offer here

About ChannelMix

With an end-to-end platform and comprehensive suite of analytics products, ChannelMix provides leading brands and agencies with a clear path to measure and grow marketing ROI. ChannelMix is pioneering future-ready marketing measurement with first-party analytics tracking and data models that deliver insights that are more accurate, sustainable, and valuable long term. Learn more at