Tune Up Your Media Mix to Crush Q4

If you’re planning to head into Q4 with an old approach to attribution and your tried-and-true media mix, you’re about to lose a lot of ground to your competitors.

Join Matt Hertig and Bryan Karas, the CEOs of ChannelMix and Playbook Media, to get a close-up look into future-ready analytics and media modeling – with a crawl/walk/run breakdown to help every attending brand get traction in prepping for a big Q4.

What we cover: 

  • Why attribution as we knew it is officially extinct
  • Better ways to plan an effective media mix
  • Prescriptive action steps to take – at whatever the stage of your media mix – to drive more revenue and set up crucial customer data capture in Q4
  • Client case studies showing the impact of smarter media modeling

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