RIP Attribution: The Resurrection of ROI with Marketing Impact Modeling™

AMA Digital Marketing Virtual Conference Session

Coined the “Best Presentation of the Day” by attendees, here’s your chance to catch ChannelMix’s Matt Hertig as he uncovers the future of marketing decision-making. Traditional attribution models, such as multi-touch, last-click or first-click attribution, tried to map the customer journey. However, these models were often overly simplistic, attributing a sale or conversion to a single touchpoint and ignoring the complexity of the modern customer journey. Watch the replay and experience first-hand the rise of Marketing Impact Modeling™.

Matt covers topcis including: 

  • Why Marketing Attribution is Dead
  • The Rise of Marketing Impact Modeling
  • Solving the Analytics Challenge
  • B-to-B Case Study Example
  • How We Can Help

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