How Infinity Marketing Turned Analytics into a Profit Center

Tied up with repetitive, manual reporting tasks, Infinity Marketing sought a better analytics solution that could help them scale their analytics practice across the agency. 

When Infinity Marketing launched its full-service analytics team in late 2016, the South Carolina- based agency had big ambitions for its new division: They vowed to make it a profit center, a reliable source of new business and revenue.

But they had some big obstacles to overcome. The team was spending 60 to 70 percent of a typical workweek just building client reports. That left almost no time to analyze data for the actionable insights that clients would be willing to pay for.

Enter ChannelMix. ChannelMix automates the majority of the work required to build client reports. Now analysts spend 95 percent of their time developing insights and optimizing campaigns, rather than data management – giving them a strategic edge when vying for new client business. 

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