ChannelMix Unveils Connections to IBM Watson Campaign Automation, Pepperjam, Elevate 

ChannelMix Press Releases

IBM Watson Campaign Automation, Pepperjam and Elevate are the latest platforms to join ChannelMix’s ever-growing library of data sources. Each one can now feed data seamlessly into Alight’s marketing intelligence platform

IBM Watson Campaign Automation joins the ChannelMix library of data sources.
Pepperjam joins the ChannelMix library of data sources.
  • Pepperjam’s platform empowers brands, agencies and publishers to thrive in the world of affiliate marketing.
Elevate joins the ChannelMix library of data sources.
  • Elevate’s learning management platform helps nonprofits and associations create curricula, social learning and other interactive experiences. 

You can establish a link to any of these data sources by following the on-screen prompts on the Connect page of ChannelMix Control Center. 

ChannelMix aggregates, unifies and stores data from essentially any marketing, media or sales platform. As much as possible, Alight uses API connections like the ones for IBM Watson, Pepperjam and Elevate because they let ChannelMix pull data directly from the source platform. 

But, if an API isn’t available, ChannelMix can take in data through automated email or secure FTP processes or direct file uploads.

Explore ChannelMix’s existing library of data sources at this page. If you don’t see a source that you need, our Data Solutions team can always find a way to support it. Just let us know!