ChannelMix Named a High Performer in’s Summer 2020 Grid Report for Marketing Analytics Software

Alight Analytics is proud to announce that ChannelMix, its next-generation marketing intelligence platform, has been recognized as a High Performer in’s Summer 2020 Grid Report for Marketing Analytics Software. 

The High Performer rating is based on customer satisfaction data, as measured by reviews from marketers who use the platform to deliver actionable insights and reporting. ChannelMix powers a suite of solutions that help marketers with business growth, campaign optimization and automated, cross-channel reporting.

“From day one, ChannelMix was designed to empower marketers so they can illustrate how marketing investment translates to greater sales and revenue,” said Michelle Jacobs, Alight Analytics’ president and co-founder. “It means the world to us when our clients say that ChannelMix is making a real, measurable difference for them.” 

ChannelMix automatically collects, cleans, unifies and stores data from all marketing, media or sales platforms and generates analysis- and model-ready datasets that can be piped into a suite of plug-and-play dashboards for the user’s preferred BI or visualization tool. In many cases, users save hundreds of hours each year because of ChannelMix.

Alight’s solution suite brings together all the elements of a successful analytics program, including ChannelMix’s automated data and reporting workflows, built-in attribution and forecasting models, and configuration and customization support from a team of data experts.

As one reviewer put it: 

“We have been able to completely transform our analytics processes and create standardizations and consistencies where we would have never been able to otherwise. Having the ability to automate all of our digital reporting and solve internal challenges like pacing has been a game-changer for us, as the teams can now spend more time actually generating insights and making optimizations that are meaningful.”

“One thing that makes ChannelMix different from other platforms is that it was built by marketers for marketers,” said Matt Hertig, Alight’s CEO and co-founder. “We know what it’s like to deal with disorganized, siloed data and build performance reports by hand — we experienced that years ago, when we were just starting out. So with ChannelMix, we’ve created something that solves those problems and allows marketers to focus on what really matters in their job.” 

Learn more about how ChannelMix empowers marketers to drive bottom-line growth and prove marketing’s impact on leads, sales and revenue. Read the latest reviews at!