Alight Analytics Wins Zenefits Award for Company Culture (and Possibly Being Filmmaking Geniuses)

Alight celebrates a day at Kauffman Day as part of a team-building activity.

Having a great company culture is a reward of its own. But now Alight Analytics has an actual award-award for its culture, courtesy of Zenefits, the HR and payroll platform for small and midsize businesses

Zenefits just presented one of its annual Zennie Awards to Alight for developing a thriving culture while managing rapid growth. Since 2018, the company has nearly doubled in head count, and using Zenefits’ platform has streamlined the hiring process. It’s also simplified some of the more time-consuming aspects of HR and payroll, like managing benefits and tracking time off. 

Or as Leanna Morken, Alight’s director of business and solution operations, told Zenefits: 

We are a data company. Zenefits helped us put all our people data in one spot and allows us to see information in a more visual, usable way. 

Also? Zenefits might have been a little impressed with the video we made for last year’s holiday party. It’s a 26-minute — and this really is the only word to accurately describe it— epic about how our HR software (“Zennie,” no relation) achieved sentience, forcing our entire team to plot a rebellion against our A.I. overlord. (Take that, the 17 independent film festivals we unsuccessfully submitted our video to.)

Read more about Alight and the Zennie Awards at this link.