KC Business Journal Covers Alight’s New Lineup of Marketing Analytics Solutions

The Kansas City Business Journal explored Alight Analytics’ new suite of turnkey marketing analytics solutions in an interview with Matt Hertig, the company’s CEO and co-founder.

Alight has built a lineup of outcome-focused analytics solutions that combine the power of software — in the form of ChannelMix, the best-in-class marketing intelligence platform — with the flexibility of a consulting project. Each solution comes with its own complement of data aggregation, marketing dashboards, service, strategy and support that typical marketing analytics vendors fail to provide.

As Hertig told the newspaper:

“It’s going to continue to accelerate our growth even more so, I think, than in the past, because we’re uniquely positioned with having expertise with a best-in-breed technology. Organizations are starving for both of those things.”

That fusion of technology and expertise helps marketers solve one of the biggest challenges they encounter with reporting and insights.

Traditionally, companies wanting help with marketing analytics have been faced with two choices: an expensive consulting firm, which can be slow to deliver results, or out-of-the-box software, Hertig said. But a number of companies don’t have the in-house skill sets to manage that software and maximize its capabilities.

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