Alight Analytics Changes the Game With Its New Sports Marketing Analytics Solution

The Kansas City Business Journal interviews Alight’s Matt Hertig and Michelle Jacobs.

We’re excited to introduce a powerful new product we’ve been building over the last several months: Alight Analytics’ Sports Marketing Analytics Solution.

Alight Analytics Sports Marketing Analytics SolutionThere’s a huge need for a product like this. Because their fans are so engaged across dozens of channels, the largest sports brands can generate billions of datapoints each month.

The Sports Marketing Analytics Solution automatically aggregates and unifies all that fan engagement data, then feeds it into a custom-built dashboard that allows marketers to constantly analyze their marketing performance.

It can be leveraged by any kind of sports brand — football, baseball, soccer, hockey, motorsports, you name it — professional or amateur, at the individual, team or league level.

While the Sports Marketing Analytics Solution can manage any source of marketing data, it’s especially useful for social media analytics and the mountain of data that involves.

As our CEO, Matt Hertig, told the Kansas City Business Journal:

“(The sports industry) is a little bit unique in that it creates some of the largest volumes of interactions, more so than any other industry,” Hertig said.

And that’s important because social is compelling proof of a sports brand’s reach and impact — information that potential advertisers and sponsors will want to see before signing their next contract.

(You can find the full Business Journal article here, subscription required.)

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