Alight Spotlight: Meet Merideth Warinner, Client Experience Manager

Alight Analytics is excited to welcome Merideth Warinner to the team as a Client Experience Manager! 

As a CEM, Merideth is a problem-solver / advocate / guide / best pal for our clients, setting them up for success with Alight’s analytics solutions

Learn more about her in this Q&A!


Merideth Warinner


Client Experience Manager

So what do you DO at Alight? 

I help clients get up and running with our marketing dashboards, so they can optimize their marketing strategy and spend. My goal is to advocate for our clients, so they can have a great experience and get the most out of our platform.

What did you do before you came to Alight?

Before Alight, I was the Director of Membership at the KU Alumni Association. In my past role, I would have LOVED to have tools like our dashboards to better understand how marketing was performing.

What do you do when you aren’t at work? 

I enjoy going for walks with my dog, spending time with my family and hanging out with friends. 

What’s your favorite snack? 

I love all chips, but my favorite snack has to be Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Spicy food is the best. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Helping others and having compassion makes life so much more enjoyable.