ChannelMix AI Launches First AI-Powered Media Mix Modeling Solution to Boost ROI by 10%

ChannelMix’s Media Mix Modeling AI Boosts ROI by 10%, Maximizes Revenue Growth, and Automates Media Planning all while Delivering an Unprecedented 93% Accuracy Rate.

Marketers’ growing frustration with the slow, expensive, inaccurate traditional media mix modeling solutions led to the development of ChannelMix AI, the latest disruptive feature of the ChannelMix marketing revenue generation platform.

ChannelMix AI helps marketers take control of their data, improve ROI, and maximize revenue growth. The platform’s advanced machine learning algorithms analyze data in real time from multiple channels, including tv, social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, direct mail and more, to deliver scenarios that predict optimal media mix and budget with a 93% accuracy rate.

Marketers simply select the presented scenario on their dashboard that most closely aligns with their goals to instantly view the recommended media mix, with projected leads, sales and budgets by channel and source. “Top Predictions” are highlighted in orange, indicating the most efficient ways to generate new customers.

Built by marketers, for marketers, ChannelMix’s user-friendly platform reduces the time to get answers from months to seconds, eliminating waste from marketing budgets and helping clients improve their ROI by 10% in under 60 days. ChannelMix AI combines sales and marketing performance data at any level of granularity with sophisticated artificial intelligence to predict source-level results, without the need for person-level data or third-party cookies, to protect marketing budgets, reduce waste and drive more revenue.

“Marketers have been struggling with traditional media mix modeling solutions for too long. It’s time to take control of their data and finally achieve the ROI they deserve. That’s why we created ChannelMix AI – a game-changing platform designed to empower marketers with the insights and capabilities needed to drive revenue growth and outperform their competition. With ChannelMix AI, marketers can finally say goodbye to outdated and slow solutions from expensive providers and hello to a brighter, more profitable future.” – CEO and Co-Founder Matt Hertig.

In times of financial uncertainty and budget cuts, marketers are often left with the challenge of doing more with less. With ChannelMix AI, marketers can identify inefficiencies and reduce wasted spend, protecting their budgets while achieving their revenue goals, empowering marketers to do more with less, even in challenging economic conditions.

“ChannelMix AI’s robust recommendation engine is driven by machine learning to help build and activate optimized media plans, predict outcomes, and eliminate waste an average of 10% from annual marketing budgets,” said President and Co-Founder Michelle Jacobs. “Our platform helps marketers take a unified approach to media planning and measurement, allowing them to simulate time-bound media plans driven by their data, budgets, and goals. Now more than ever, marketers need ammunition to protect their budgets from cuts while simultaneously driving more revenue for the organization quickly. ChannelMix AI solves that need.”

ChannelMix currently analyzes over $6B in media spend across 1,500+ global brands and agencies.