Alight Analytics Debuts as Official Twitter Enterprise Partner

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Contact: James Hart,

Alight Analytics, the industry leader in marketing performance analytics and intelligence, is now offering clients access to Twitter Enterprise, allowing brands and agencies to tap into deeper insights about their Twitter presence. 

Twitter Enterprise is a virtual firehouse of performance data. It encompasses a wealth of metrics — including impressions, video views, engagements, user follows and much more — that are not available through Twitter’s free API. 

Twitter Enterprise is now available via ChannelMix.

“You simply can’t access that level of data through Twitter’s basic free API,” said Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics’ CEO and co-founder. “This additional level of intelligence from Twitter enables marketers to automatically get to a comprehensive understanding of all content performance within Twitter.” 

Alight offers access to Twitter Enterprise as an add-on to its ChannelMix marketing intelligence platform

ChannelMix automatically collects, cleans, stores and unifies data from any source of marketing, media or sales data. The industry-leading platform excels at creating analysis-ready datasets that combine data from multiple sources in a single view, enabling marketers to quickly assess all marketing and campaign performance. 

“We’re excited to offer Twitter Enterprise because it’s going to open up so many opportunities for our clients,” said Jared Sloan, Alight Analytics’ director of data solutions. “They can develop an extremely detailed portrait of their Twitter performance. Or they can incorporate this new data into the analysis of their larger investment in social media — giving them incredible insight into performance and saving a lot of time in the process.” 

About Alight Analytics

Based in Kansas City, Alight Analytics helps brands and agencies answer their most important questions about marketing’s impact with a comprehensive suite of enterprise solutions for social media, paid media, search, sales, ecommerce, customer journey, lead generation and web analytics. Alight is the creator of the ChannelMix marketing intelligence platform.