Alight Analytics Elevates Longtime Tableau Partnership with New Reseller Status

Alight’s next-generation analytics solutions integrate seamlessly with Tableau’s industry-leading platform. 

Alight Analytics, the industry leader in marketing and sales analytics, is expanding its longtime partnership with Tableau Software by becoming a Tableau reseller, continuing a proud tradition of delivering analysis-ready data to Tableau users. 

The partnership makes it easier than ever for marketing teams to get the insights they need to drive more leads, sales and revenue by creating a streamlined marketing analytics technology stack that bundles Tableau licenses in Alight’s suite of next-generation analytics solutions. ChannelMix, Alight’s marketing intelligence platform, offers a hands-off integration with Tableau.

“We aren’t just resellers — we were very early adopters of Tableau. For over 10 years, our team has been using their platform to create marketing dashboards, and we’re big fans of its ability to democratize data,” said Matt Hertig, the CEO and co-founder of Alight Analytics. “With the solutions we’re developing now, our goal is to take something complex like attribution modeling and forecasting and make it accessible to all marketing teams, and Tableau’s platform helps us bring that vision to life.”

Alight was founded to empower marketers to better use marketing analytics in order to demonstrate marketing’s impact on the business and ultimately drive growth. Building an analytics stack or team from scratch to achieve those insights can be time-consuming and costly. Instead, Alight’s suite of analytics solutions offers a turnkey way for marketers to get the insights they need to align marketing to the business, optimize spend and ultimately generate more revenue. 

The solutions feature automated data and reporting workflows, built-in attribution models for understanding channel ROI, and plug-and-play dashboards that integrate seamlessly with Tableau’s platform. Dashboards and data models that used to take weeks to build can now be accessed instantly. 

All it takes is a single connection between Tableau and ChannelMix for marketers to start producing advanced insights and reporting. ChannelMix serves as a data hub, integrating sales and marketing platforms — including CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, Google Analytics, social, search and more — and turning it into an analysis-ready dataset that’s ready to explore in a Tableau workbook.

Alight’s team will implement, configure and support each solution, freeing users from the need to learn coding or perform any advanced technical tasks. Alight also offers on-demand training for marketers who use Tableau, tailored to their unique needs.

“We want marketers to be marketers, and that means making it easier for them to access insights that help their companies to survive and thrive,” said Michelle Jacobs, Alight’s president and co-founder. “By using Alight and Tableau in tandem, any marketer, regardless of their comfort level or experience with analytics, can easily report on performance, produce valuable insights and drive business growth.”


Alight Analytics is a leading provider of marketing analytics solutions. Alight’s marketing intelligence platform, ChannelMix, delivers a holistic experience for tracking and measuring performance across all marketing and sales channels, while providing attribution and predictive intelligence to drive organizational growth. Headquartered in Kansas City, Alight is a four-time Inc. 5000 honoree, making it one of America’s fastest-growing private companies.