Alight Unveils MasterView for Benchmarking, Reporting and Beyond

Alight Analytics is excited to introduce MasterView, an aggregated dataset that allows marketing agencies and enterprise marketing teams to benchmark and report across clients, brands, regions and lines of business. 

The MasterView dataset brings all data for all of an organization’s entities together in one place to give users a 30,000-foot view of performance for the entire organization. Users also can filter down and break out results for individual clients, products, lines of business, regions and more. 

“It’s everything you need to study performance at any and all levels, wrapped up in one dataset,” said Jared Sloan, Alight’s Vice President of Data Solutions. “And the best part? Users don’t have to spend the time and energy bringing together multiple datasets — we do it all for them.” 

How MasterView works

Each MasterView is created using Alight’s marketing intelligence platform, ChannelMix, which collects, cleans and stores data from any source of marketing, media or sales data. More importantly, ChannelMix harmonizes dimensions and metrics for all data sources, which makes it possible to quickly bring them together in a MasterView dataset. 

MasterViews live in each client’s ChannelMix account, where they can be used with the user’s choice of BI and visualization tool. 

How MasterView helps with reporting, benchmarking and more 

For larger organizations with multiple divisions, markets or lines of business, MasterView makes it possible to quickly assess collective performance. Decision-makers can receive the information and insights they need faster because analysts don’t have to bring multiple data sources together manually. 

And MasterView is especially useful for benchmarking individual clients, products or other units against the average for the organization. That way, marketers can identify opportunities for improvement, as well as areas where they’re succeeding and continue to invest in.

Ready to get started? 

If you’re a current Alight client who wants to use MasterView, contact your client strategist for more information. Not a client yet, but still interested? Let’s talk!