CreatorIQ and Invoca

CreatorIQ, Invoca Join ChannelMix’s Library of Data Sources

ChannelMix Press Releases

Alight Analytics is proud to add two new data sources to ChannelMix’s ever-growing library of connections: CreatorIQ and Invoca. 


Users of Invoca and CreatorIQ can now connect those sources to their ChannelMix accounts via API integrations built by Alight’s team. 

To establish a link, users just need to follow the on-screen prompts on the Connect page of ChannelMix Control Center. 

ChannelMix aggregates data from essentially any marketing, media or sales platform. When possible, though, we try to use an API connection because that allows ChannelMix to pull data directly from the source platform. 

(No API available? ChannelMix can gather data through automated email or FTP processes or direct file uploads.)  

You can look at ChannelMix’s existing library of data sources at this page. If you don’t see a source that you need, though, our Data Solutions team will find a way to support it. Just let us know!