Connecting to CallRail? ChannelMix Makes CallRail API Integration Easy

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What Is CallRail?

CallRail is a marketing platform dedicated to call tracking, analytics and attribution. For teams that are focused on lead generation and sales optimization, CallRail provides vital insight into marketing’s impact on qualified leads and prospect engagement. 

How ChannelMix Automates Call Data from CallRail

ChannelMix, Alight’s marketing intelligence platform, integrates seamlessly with the CallRail API and aggregates call data directly from the platform. 

That data is then stored in users’ ChannelMix-provided data warehouse, where it can be unified with data from sources like Google Ads and Google Search Console and used to produce reporting and insights. 

ChannelMix connects to any source of marketing, media or sales data, including call-tracking software like CallRail. When possible, we do that by utilizing APIs like CallRail’s. 

But, if an API isn’t an option, ChannelMix can gather data through automated email or secure FTP processes, or direct file uploads. 

How to Connect to CallRail with ChannelMix

ChannelMix makes it simple for marketing teams to connect to CallRail’s API — users just need to visit the Connect page in ChannelMix Control Center and follow the on-screen prompts. You’ll also need to provide an API Key from your CallRail dashboard. ChannelMix Help Center details the exact process.  

What Kind of Data Does ChannelMix Aggregate from CallRail? 

When ChannelMix pulls call data from CallRail’s platform, it captures a wealth of important metrics, including a caller’s company ID, device and duration, whether it was their first call to your company, landing page URL and more. You can see all the fields included in a standard dataset at ChannelMix Help Center.

Ready to Take the Next Step? 

Need help connecting to CallRail and other marketing platforms? Alight Analytics offers a suite of outcome-focused marketing analytics solutions that automate data workflows and reporting to deliver turnkey KPIs aligned to your marketing objectives. Explore our solutions.