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Alight Analytics Launches Business Intelligence and Data Science Team

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Alight Analytics, the industry leader in marketing analytics, is launching its own Business Intelligence and Data Science (BIDS) division — a dedicated team of data experts who will assist marketers with cross-channel attribution, modeling, machine learning and other advanced analytics strategies.

“We’ve always had the power to produce that caliber of work, and we already have a long track record of building predictive models for clients,” said Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics’ CEO and co-founder.

“Our BIDS team will focus on providing solutions that empower marketers to make more intelligent decisions with their marketing through robust models that demonstrate the real value of each marketing channel, along with models that predict how much ROI they can expect from a campaign before it launches.”

That kind of future-focused analysis has been the Holy Grail for marketing teams. While many of them possess the stockpile of data required for predictive analytics, it’s a complex process that demands specialized business intelligence and data science expertise.

Tapping into what BIDS can offer will help marketers make the leap into predictive analytics without forcing them to hire their own team of full-time data scientists.

The BIDS team offers a wide array of services to advertising and marketing agencies and large enterprises. Here are just a few of BIDS’ competencies:

  • Predictive Modeling: The BIDS team will leverage clients’ historical data to build optimized media-buying plans — for example, tailoring them to individual regions, seasons and other variables — and forecast what kinds of responses and results that spending should generate.

  • Cross-Channel Attribution: BIDS can demonstrate how all of a client’s marketing channels and tactics combine to lead customers from awareness to consideration to conversion.
  • Audience Segmentation: By using machine learning, the BIDS team can discover “hidden tribes” of similar customers in a client’s customer base, so they can more effectively target those audiences.

  • Keyword Performance Clustering: Through machine-learning techniques, the BIDS team can uncover the combination of keywords across all paid search platforms that are most likely to drive future performance.

  • Advanced Visualization: Clients can commission custom-built dashboards that allow them to pace budgets, optimize ad spend and more based on model recommendations.

All the BIDS team’s projects are powered by ChannelMix, Alight’s platform for marketing data aggregation and management.  

“That’s something that really distinguishes BIDS from other providers,” said Mark McKelvey, Alight’s vice president of data science and technology and the head of the BIDS team.

“ChannelMix excels at turning massive volumes of marketing, media and sales data into well-organized datasets. When you’re trying to build accurate projections, you can’t understate the importance of starting with clean, trustworthy data.”


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