Alight Analytics Hires Two New Employees

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KANSAS CITY, MO – Alight Analytics, a leading marketing analytics firm specializing in multi-channel analytics, is pleased to announce the recent hire of two new employees to the company: Mark McKelvey and Zack Pike.
Originally from Bonner Springs, Kansas, Mark served in the Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst while obtaining his Bachelor’s of Computer Science at Park University and Masters of Science in Operations Research from Kansas State University.
Prior to Alight Analytics, Mark worked as the Lead Data Scientist for BA Services, where he led a team of analysts, data scientists and consultants, contributing to the development of business intelligence solutions.
“I wanted to work at Alight because of the focus on analytics and the size of the company,” Mark said. “Alight seems to embrace new technology and is intent on developing meaning from data.”
As Alight’s Senior Data Solutions Developer, Mark will create data integration processes, design data flow architectures and implement new database structures. Mark expects his skills developing software and his understanding of database technology will benefit the company.
​Zack attended Kansas State University for his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, then went on to obtain his MBA from Baker University.
Prior to Alight, Zack was the Manager of Corporate Analytics for His team acted as the think-tank of the company, analyzing data to find and test new strategies across the business as well as optimizing initiatives already in market. This group impacted the entire company, from marketing and sales all the way to finance and forecasting.
“What’s going to help me most at Alight is my focus on applying marketing results and analysis to business objectives,” Zack said. “My broad marketing background, looped in with my experience on the business side of analytics, has helped me see and experience how decisions are made, and what information is important to make them. For the past two years, I’ve been using data to make decisions that had major impacts on both budget and people. At Hill’s Pet Nutrition, I was a customer of Alight, playing a key role in managing the Alight relationship and in the overall marketing measurement strategy at that time. Having that client-level experience will be hugely valuable to the clients I’ll be working with here … I’ve been in their shoes.”
As the newest Senior Marketing Analyst, Zack will manage client relationships and ensure deliverables and projects are meeting needs. He will also assist clients in thinking through measurement strategies, ensuring they are aligned with business objectives. In addition, he will drive a high focus on valuable business-oriented insights that Alight’s clients can drive real decisions from.
“I’ve known Matt and Michelle for a long time, and I know they hire smart people, so I’m excited to learn from this team,” Zack said. “I’ve kept in touch with them since leaving Hill’s because they’re on the cutting edge of an industry that is growing quickly. They’re smart people, and I’m always trying to align myself with people who are smarter than me.”
Alight Analytics is a marketing analytics agency delivering holistic, end-to-end, integrated marketing measurement, reporting and insights. Specializing in web analytics, multi-channel marketing performance and social media metrics, Alight Analytics unites disparate marketing and sales data for a comprehensive view of performance and ROI. Alight works alongside clients to develop marketing measurement tracking strategies, implement robust web analytics solutions and develop customized reporting dashboards that enable clients to facilitate data-driven marketing decisions. 

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