90 Days Free: Alight Analytics Offers Three Months of Analytics Solutions Payment-Free to New Clients

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Now more than ever, companies need data-driven insights to align and optimize their marketing and sales performance.

To help companies navigate the impacts of COVID-19, Alight Analytics is offering the first 90 days of its marketing analytics solutions free to new clients now through the end of May. Alight’s suite of solutions, which debuted earlier this year, combines automated data workflows with turnkey dashboards, providing instant insights into sales and marketing performance. 

“We truly believe that now, more than ever, sales and marketing need to work in harmony, and data’s the best way to achieve that,” said Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics’ CEO and co-founder. “Decisions must be made based on data. Not gut feelings and not fear — you need data that tells you how to protect and grow revenue by aligning sales and marketing performance. Our analytics solutions can help with that.”  

Alight’s solutions combine automated data and reporting workflows for the entire sales and marketing ecosystem with expert configuration and customization to answer questions specific to the organization’s business goals and strategies. Turnkey dashboards and KPIs tell the performance story for the entire marketing funnel – from impression to sale – and built-in attribution models measure channel value and ROI. 

“When everything feels unsettled, data can be a guiding light, not only for uncovering problems, but also highlighting the opportunities that are within reach,” Hertig said. “Data can bring your sales and marketing efforts into alignment, so you can identify inefficient channels, low-performing leads or gaps in your funnel, and double-down on the tactics that are actually producing results.”

The solutions are powered by Alight’s proprietary marketing intelligence platform ChannelMix. ChannelMix aggregates, stores and unifies data from any sales and marketing platform — CRM systems, search, social, product and ordering databases, Google Analytics, broadcast, email, direct mail and more — and configures it all for analysis without requiring the user to have coding or SQL knowledge. 

All it takes to get started is a 30-minute phone call with Alight’s team — companies can schedule a consultation at channelmix.com/next-gen. Alight will help each company determine the best solution for its goals and strategies and configure that solution quickly, so users can start receiving insights as soon as possible. 

“We know that it’s a time of uncertainty, where sales targets, marketing plans and budgets are being reworked,” said Michelle Jacobs, Alight’s president and co-founder. “We want to do everything we can to arm our clients with the information they need to move forward with confidence.”


Alight Analytics is a leading provider of marketing analytics solutions. Alight’s marketing intelligence platform, ChannelMix, delivers a holistic experience for tracking and measuring performance across all marketing and sales channels, while providing attribution and predictive intelligence to drive organizational growth. Headquartered in Kansas City, Alight is a four-time Inc. 5000 honoree, making it one of America’s fastest-growing private companies.