Alight Analytics Client Tinuiti Featured in Tableau Case Study

Tinuiti, formerly known as Elite SEM

Alight Analytics client Tinuiti, one of North America’s largest digital marketing agencies, has scaled its reporting and marketing analytics to serve hundreds of clients like Tommy Bahama, Eddie Bauer and Brooks Running while also achieving exceptional gains in productivity.

How exceptional? Tinuiti, formerly known as Elite SEM, spends 60 percent less time on data preparation, collection and management, according to a new case study from Tableau Software.

Andrew Richardson, Tinuiti’s vice president of analytics and marketing science, says his team’s marketing technology stack — which includes Alight’s ChannelMix platform and Tableau’s visualization and Data Prep solutions — has empowered his team to produce in-depth, multi-channel reporting faster than ever.

“We’re not about thinking about you as a client by channel,” Richardson said. “We’re thinking about your business, and we need to be able to drive business outcomes. And the way that we need to do that is by being able to effectively report on all of your marketing effort together.”

ChannelMix automates data aggregation, effortlessly collecting marketing, media and sales data from essentially any source. Performance data is cleaned, blended and output as analysis-ready datasets that can be quickly plugged into Tableau. Instead of managing multiple data connections, ChannelMix serves as a single source of truth for Tableau.

Tinuiti, formerly known as Elite SEM

All of Tinuiti’s data is stored in a data warehouse actively managed by Alight’s team of data experts, who also set up, manage and repair all data connections on the agency’s behalf.

“The ability for us to ingest all these different data sources — it’s a lot of peace of mind,” Richardson said. “Once we have this set up, once it’s there, we trust that every morning it’s going to be there.”

In addition to producing rapid, in-depth reports for clients, Tinuiti is also able to share data more easily with its own team. The agency’s marketing dashboards are always on and always up to date, so team members have the ability to check on a campaign’s progress at any time.

And thanks to its gains in efficiency, Tinuiti’s analysts are able to devote more of their time to predictive analytics and producing forecasts that show clients how much new business they can expect by adjusting their marketing investment.

Want to learn more about Tinuiti’s marketing analytics journey? Download our case study!