Want to speak at Marketing Analytics Strategy Summit?

Want to Speak at Marketing Analytics Strategy Summit?

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Ready to share your marketing analytics expertise with the world? Then apply to speak at this year’s Marketing Analytics Strategy Summit (MASS) on Sept. 26 in Kansas City. The deadline is June 3 — you can submit your speaker proposal here.

This is the second year for the daylong event, which is the Midwest’s first conference devoted exclusively to using marketing analytics as a strategy for growing your business. The 2018 edition attracted speakers from some of the nation’s leading brands and agencies, including Mattel, Maui Jim, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and GlynnDevins, among others.  

Interested in adding your team’s name to that list? Here’s how to make your speaker proposal pitch-perfect.

Share Your Story

Everybody loves a great story, including marketers.

With MASS, we’re looking for speakers who can explain how they’re using marketing data to achieve real wins in their businesses. Tell the saga of how you increased sales, boosted efficiency, discovered ideas for new products and performed other heroic deeds.

Emphasis on “how” — we’d love to hear about the steps you took and critical decisions you made.

And don’t be afraid to talk about the challenges you had to overcome along the way. Most analytics teams will encounter setbacks, hiccups and other problems as they undertake major new projects. Your audience will be eager to hear how you persevered, so they can too.  

Share Your Expertise

We’re also looking for speakers who can share specific tips, strategies and other advice on an array of analytics-related topics like:

  • data strategy and measurement
  • marketing dashboards
  • cross-channel marketing attribution
  • web analytics
  • Tableau Software
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio

When you’re applying, tell us how your listeners will be able to apply your ideas when they go back to work. What are 3 to 5 lessons that each audience member will learn as a result of your talk?

Share Your Qualifications

No need to include a full C.V. but if you’ve got noteworthy experience in your topic, let us know. Maybe you’ve been teaching Tableau for 10 years and want to talk about dashboards — that would be a good thing to mention in your speaker proposal.  

Don’t Miss the Deadline

Last but not least: Don’t forget to apply by the June 3 deadline!

Our team will begin reviewing speaker proposals as they arrive in the coming weeks, and if we have questions, we might contact you for further details. The full slate of conference speakers will be announced in late June.

Questions? Just ask the MASS team by emailing mass@alightanalytics.com.
We hope to hear you speak at the Marketing Analytics Strategy Summit!