Mind the Gap: What Software Can’t Do — and ChannelMix Can

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Marketing analytics software has revolutionized marketers’ ability to measure, optimize and predict how their campaigns will perform. 

But there are still things that software alone can’t do, and those gaps can place real limits on your capacity to produce actionable insights and reporting.

ChannelMix is designed to close those gaps. Each of our end-to-end solutions delivers everything you need in one complete package — clean, aggregated marketing data and the dashboards to explore that data with plus a framework for advancing analytics maturity and a team of real, live humans to help you along the way.

Here’s what that means for your marketing team:

ChannelMix will collect your data as efficiently as possible. 

When you start working with ChannelMix, our data architects will help you identify the data sources and metrics that you need to answer your most important questions about marketing performance. Then they’ll create a data strategy for automatically aggregating that data. 

As a result, you can access all the data you need as quickly as possible because you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.  

The ChannelMix team will also structure your incoming data to create unified datasets that pull together data from all your marketing platforms into a single view, with like metrics and dimensions together. This way, you can get a 30,000-foot view of performance and still drill down into source-level results in a single dashboard. 

Software alone can help you connect to data sources, but it won’t show you the most effective or efficient way to organize your data so that it’s easy to analyze. Our team will. 

ChannelMix will set up, manage and repair your data connections, saving you significant amounts of time.

ChannelMix’s solutions are fully supported by a team of data engineers who can help you set up, manage and, if necessary, repair connections to your data sources. 

We have a large library of API-based “connectors” that let you quickly connect to popular sources like Google Ads, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads

But if you need a data source that isn’t in our library? Our team will set up secure FTP and email processes to automatically bring that data into the ChannelMix platform. 

And when a data connection fails, our team will work to identify the problem and get things up and running again ASAP. 

Software alone won’t do any of that. You as the user are ultimately responsible for finding solutions, no matter how time-consuming or frustrating that might be.  

ChannelMix will enable you to use modeling and other advanced forms of analysis. 

If you’re eager to use data-driven attribution or marketing mix modeling, ChannelMix is ready to assist. 

Our optimization dashboards feature built-in calculators that let you predict the best mix of channels and spending for your next campaign

And we have data scientists on staff who are available to customize your model based on seasonality, weather or other outside factors. You can tap into their expertise without hiring your own data scientist full-time. 

A lot of marketing analytics software isn’t designed to support advanced analysis like this. Even if they do, you’re still responsible for finding someone with the expertise to manage and use it. 

ChannelMix gives you a roadmap for long-term growth, so you can achieve greater insight. 

When you work with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account director who will help you create a plan for your reporting and insights program. 

Need to scale up your reporting? Interested in using predictive models? Want to turn analytics into a profit center? 

Your account director will lay out a step-by-step path to take you from Point A to Point B, and they’ll point out the milestones and objectives you need to hit along the way.  

It’s all based on the Marketing Analytics Maturity Curve, our proven framework for advancing a team’s level of data insight, based on our 14+ years in the industry. 

Software is a powerful tool for measuring and optimizing marketing performance, but it’s only one part of the picture. To achieve useful, actionable insights — without spending all your time managing data — you also need strategy and services like the ones that ChannelMix provides. 

To take a closer look at our end-to-end analytics solutions, request a demo today