Why Marketing Analytics Pays for Itself

We’re easily the longest existing marketing data aggregation company in the industry, with nearly a decade of experience. And in that time we’ve spoken to hundreds (if not thousands) of people looking to solve their data problem.

However, the individuals most interested in our marketing data aggregation platform, ChannelMix, are never the ones cutting the checks. Rather, they’re the ones mired in the data mess and muck. They’re the ones who spend 80 or more hours a month manually munging marketing data. And they’re the ones losing job satisfaction because they’ve begun to realize that they’re less Data Analysts and more Spreadsheet Janitors.

In reality, however, CEOs, CMOs, Presidents, Directors, and really any other budget holder in the marketing space should care, as marketing data analysis can no longer be viewed as just an expense. Instead, managing marketing data and performing analysis has become absolutely imperative in the digital age. So, if you’re in a position to try and convince your stubborn boss why marketing data aggregation is a worthwhile investment, here are a few helpful talking points:

You Can Find Lucrative Opportunities You’d Otherwise Miss

With marketing data that is properly aggregated, cleansed, and continuously updated, you can see opportunities that would be otherwise unseen.

One of our clients, for example, was able to spot an unexpected increase in social traffic based on a blog post that became a viral sensation. Because they got up-to-the-minute data, they were able to shift focus and exploit the opportunity.

Don’t you want to be the organization that has the insights and flexibility to react at the drop of a dime?

You Can Quickly Assess What’s Working And What’s Not

Having access to an insight-giving resource like your own aggregated and blended marketing data allows you to inevitably save money. Instead of wasting weeks assessing whether your campaigns are working, wouldn’t you prefer to know in real-time so that you can pivot when things aren’t working and incur minimal loss? That’s what having actively managed and accessible marketing data gets you.

It’s Cheaper Than Hiring People

As with most people that we’ve talked to, they’ve at least considered the idea of solving their data problem by just hiring another person. It never works, at least not long-term. That’s because it’s not scalable. You’ll eventually have to hire another new person as you grow. It happens every single time. And it’s way too expensive and entirely unsustainable. That’s why it ultimately makes far more sense to invest in a third-party vendor’s solution.

With a platform like ChannelMix, you’re actually getting a team of people at less than the cost of one full-time employee. It’s a much more effective solution that stays predictably priced overtime.

Everyone Else Is Doing It

This may seem like a poor argument, but it’s really not. In reality, it’s pretty impactful. We’ve got Nascar slides full of agency and brand logos who have signed on with us because they’re interested in eking every last drop of insight out of their marketing performance and customer base. It’s because with those insights, they can become more effective and efficient at branding, framing, and advertising their products and services, leaving competitor organizations in their dust.

Do you want to be left behind? In this case, it’s a bad thing if you’re the only one who doesn’t jump off that bridge your mother warned you about.

Having trouble convincing your boss? Shoot us an email. We’d be happy to help you come up with a few more persuasive reasons.