Lost in a Sea of Reports!

Measuring its results has always been one of marketing’s biggest challenges.

Historically, traditional marketing efforts such as print, radio and TV advertising produced little measurement data – let’s call this the “data pond.” Marketers would use very basic fishing tools such as Excel to try and catch any results that could help them demonstrate value. It was manageable. Because the data was directional at best, fishing in this data pond for results was fairly simple, but the reports were small and very basic.

As one-to-one marketing tactics such as direct mail and email became popular, database marketing and email service companies began to spring up, marketers hoped that they would finally be able to measure the results of their marketing investments. As a result of these types of tactics, the data pond began to swell into a lake with more data and more reports starting to appear. And that resulted in a marketing picture that began to lose its focus.

Today, the proliferation of the Web has transformed the once small data pond into a giant sea of data. The Web is a data-producing machine, and the vastness of this data, combined with the complex marketing ecosystem that marketers face today, results in huge volumes of disparate reports. This raging sea of data has left marketers and marketing agencies feeling shipwrecked in their ability to demonstrate value and results to key stakeholders.

The reason for this is pretty simple when you think about it. Marketers and marketing agencies are still using the same basic fishing tools from the pond like Excel and PowerPoint to try and catch key marketing intelligence. This lack of sophistication creates a very expensive fishing expedition involving manually piecing together data from a myriad of reports. This is very expensive and simply doesn’t allow marketers to understand the real value of their marketing efforts.

To solve this problem, organizations must implement a core marketing measurement strategy designed to navigate the sea of data. Our four-step approach to building a marketing measurement strategy gives organizations the right marketing measurement process — a “fish finder,” if you will — to begin to collectively understand and transform this vast data sea into marketing intelligence. While having a process (a fish finder) tells you where to go, you need to be equipped with more than a fishing pole for the pond. Our ChannelMix solution is designed to collect and organize this vast sea of data into a defined marketing measurement solution, eliminating the vast number of reports and confusion that exist today.

Our decision dashboards provide marketers and agencies with customized, sophisticated and easy-to-understand reporting, giving them the ability to “focus” on what tactics are working, where customers and prospects are coming from, and what marketing investment is yielding the greatest ROI.

This proven approach is transforming our client’s ability to navigate the marketing waters of today. Contact us today for a free measurement assessment and demonstration of our Focus Point solution if you are ready to start navigating the sea of marketing data and delivering tangible marketing results.

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