Are You on the Data Death March?

The process is a familiar one to marketers.

Once a month, you log into Facebook, hit download and then repeat with Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing, DoubleClick, MailChimp and so on and so forth. You manually piece together all of that messy data into an Excel spreadsheet. Then you try your best to make it appear that you actually had more than a fraction of a second to analyze what’s in front of you when you present to your client. So ends another rewarding day (or week) in the office, right? Wrong.

At Alight Analytics, we call this process the Data Death March.

We know that marketers are spending far too much time pulling and extracting data into Excel from all of their various marketing tools. Then scrambling to clean up that incoherent spreadsheet into a report that tells a marketing performance story.

We have created a solution. ChannelMix, marketing’s first data aggregation platform, will connect to all of your data sources. ChannelMix automatically updates, cleans, stores, monitors and blends all of your data. We leave the choice up to you which BI tool you would like to view it in (we use Tableau in our office). ChannelMix helps our clients end the Data Death March and manage their data in a scalable and hassle-free manner. We like to think of ourselves as marketing’s data engine.

Stop marching, start driving results.