Agency Spotlight: GlynnDevins (Life After ChannelMix)

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We’re chronicling a handful of our agency clients, giving you a window into their experience both before and after partnering with Alight Analytics. First, you will see the marketing data management problem through the eyes of marketing and advertising agencies. Then, the positive impact to the agency’s workload and client satisfaction is brought to life as a result of the tailored solution ChannelMix, Alight’s marketing data management platform, provides.

Each agency’s post will be split up into two parts: life before and after ChannelMix.

Up first: GlynnDevins


After internal recognition of their marketing data problem (read: hours of the Data Death March), GlynnDevins committed to finding an analytics solution that removed the burden of manual data preparation. Enter Alight’s marketing data management platform, ChannelMix.

ChannelMix frees analysts from the tedious task of manually downloading data and monkeying with spreadsheets. It’s an aggregation platform crafted to consolidate any source of marketing data, allowing the user to access clean data sets on demand for reporting and analysis.

An unbelievable 90% reduction in data prep time occurred after GlynnDevins implemented ChannelMix. The magic results came from intentional steps to automate the process with a dense and diverse series of APIs and a custom built data warehouse for cleansing, blending, storage, and continued monitoring of all client marketing performance data.

What’s more, as ChannelMix’s value is through its devotion to the marriage between platform and people, GlynnDevins was outfitted with a dedicated support team. This partnership ensures the proper implementation of web analytics strategies, campaign tracking techniques, performance analysis, and KPI development.


More than just time-saving, life after ChannelMix brings immeasurable value to the agency and their clients. As Blake Hodges, GlynnDevin’s Director of Data Strategy and Digital Analytics notes, “Having this kind of data warehouse for GlynnDevins is a huge merchandising opportunity for us, because it means that no other ad agency that serves the senior living community has the amount of data we have. No one can tell stories about senior living communities and website performance like we can. Our partnership with Alight has enabled us to talk about that more, because we can get at that data very quickly and report it back out and show benchmarking data on their performance like no other agency can.”

In many respects, this level of granularity and storytelling would not have been possible with any other data connection platform on the market. And this is largely due to the fact that each implementation of ChannelMix is customized explicitly for the needs of the agency—a process highly unusual among data-as-a-service vendors. “With Alight, there’s not just an out of the box solution that you get with them. What I really like about Alight is the custom aspect of everything they do, because everyone’s data situation is unique,” said Hodges.

This customization stems largely from the dedicated support team that was assigned to GlynnDevins (as is customary with every agency or brand that partners with Alight). It’s a benefit that has helped Hodges and the GlynnDevins team think through analytics problems and act as a sounding board for ideas. As Hodges says, “What I appreciate most about my client solutions team at Alight is that they are approachable and very professional. But also, they just know what they’re doing. Any problem that I put out there, there is a real passion to come up with a solution to it.”

It’s this level of service that has helped improve the agency’s analytics infrastructure, making them unparalleled within the niche market they serve and delivering a superior analytics solution for their clients. The Data Death March is now, well, dead!