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Guiding Principles

Here at ChannelMix, our team is guided by six essential principles — our compass for how we treat others and how we pursue excellence every day.

ChannelMix's Six Guiding Principles


The cornerstone of everything we do. Our actions, decisions and communication will always be made in the best interest of our clients and our fellow teammates.


The key to building and maintaining trust. All ideas and information among teammates will be shared openly and respectfully.


The drive to create a competitive advantage for our clients. We will consistently challenge one another to deliver new value to our clients through big ideas that utilize the latest technologies.


The fabric that is key to our success as an organization. We will foster an inclusive environment where we share ideas, proactively communicate and look to each other for feedback and support.


The environment we are all accountable to maintain. Find friendship in those around us, take time to celebrate accomplishments and recharge together.


The ability to inspire those around you. Lead ourselves by setting a positive example that is inspiring to our clients and those around us.